The Imprisoned Spirits


Once upon a time there were some evil spirits. The arrogance of a number of these spirits led them to destroy the earth by flooding it with water. But one man built a boat and saved his family and a few of the animals and they again repopulated the earth.

To prevent these spirits from again attempting to destroy the earth they were imprisoned and are kept in chains of darkness. For long centuries they have gnawed their tongues with pain, eaten away and diseased by their pride, envy, jealousies and hatred.

Now Lara has chanced upon their tomb. And she is going to show herself to them, to show them that we now have all that was theirs and that their future is oblivion. And when she finds the scroll of Ephesians which is hidden deep in the tombs she is going to use it to destroy death itself...

Lara must adventure into three tombs, the Tomb of Caves, the Tomb of Temples and the Tomb of Islands in search of three mysterious corpses hands. But the imprisoned spirits are not happy about the intruder who is stealing their stuff. When Lara defeats the spirits she will be able to use the hands to recover three artefacts which will allow her into a secret inner chamber deep within the tombs where she will be confronted be death itself.

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