The Holy Mission


Get ready to join Lara in a particular trip. Our heroine’s goal is to liberate the children souls who have take prisoner in a dark place under the earth, in the dominion of devilish Susej. The children have been sacrificed by a satanic sect who adores this evil being. The Lieutenant Gelles, father of a victim, was going down to the secret Temple of Susej, but his search was luckless.
On her trip, Lara will find the Lieutenant’s corpse and must be arrive till he doesn’t do. For do it she’ll be confront so many risks and she’ll need to resolve wisely how to go into the cell where the children souls are jailed and set them free.
By the way, before she return to the surface, must be pass another challenges: find three secret parchments that reveal the hidden history of Susej, release the Queen of the Ant-men and exorcize a goblin possessed by an evil spirit. She’ll didn’t do alone and will need your help.
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