Bye Bye Susej


Susej is a demon that came to this world to subdue human kind. But now, Lara knows what Susej's vulnerable side is, so she can send him down to hell. Water weakens him, and she better ought to make him follow her to a place where the liquid is. This way, Susej will first lose all his energy and then his physical condition too. Lieutenant Malder and his assistant Scott have come to this diabolic place in order to investigate Susej's adorers' sect plans. Chances are that they may not survive... Many questions do not yet have answers: Why are the sect's members hidden? Why do they process red water? Why are the Yetis getting caught? Is Susej the antichrist? Besides, in this mission Lara will be able to free four dog-men from their spell. These poor victims are Susej's favourite food. They are devour alive. If Lara meets them, they will ask her to kill them. (This story is a the sequel of "The Holy Mission", but you still can play these levels even if you have not played "The Holy Mission".)
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