Path to Damnation


After the events of "Temple of the Moon" and escaping to the small village, Lara was able to find people to help her get to the nearest City. From here, Lara called Winston to send a plane over to the nearest airstrip. Upon the plane arrival, she felt quite off, somewhat of a loss of balance, maybe caused by the lunar shift on her body after the portal travel a few days back, however... She soon started to see things which were not real, demonic creatures so to say. She boards the cargo plane carrying adventuring gear as well as artifacts from previous adventures, soon enough the back closes up and finally the craft takes off. Still feeling off, Lara goes to sit down on the side before trying to catch some rest. About a few hours into the journey, they hit a snowstorm, flying over what seems to be mountains and such but too foggy to be able to tell... But from this point on, things are about to get... deadly... one could say... this is the start of a path to damnation...
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