Underground Water Drain Facility


Lara goes on her first search for one of the crystals. She hears of a small nearby chemical explosion that happened at a water plant that was always built strangely in her eyes. She never had the time since her last four adventures to scout this place out. At night, she watches the water plant and notices unusual activity for such a place. Shipment of chemical being stored as well as a lot of guards protecting this place. Lara sneaks inside the base and quickly finds they are using fresh water through a process to energize the crystal and then the used chemical liquid substance is either stored underground in the drains or inevitability released into the city water drains and contaminates the water for the people. A lot of water is turning a yellowish color that is barely drinkable. Then she discovers a more fatal type of black liquid substance that the crystal returns that will cause death. Lara kills the guards blocking an elevator that leads underground, hops on it, and finds the underground water drain facility.
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