The Ruins of Kaitelbu-Ra


Recent tremors and disturbances near the famous pyramids in Cairo have revealed a long hidden ancient site that has astounded archaeologists the world over. Carvings reveal the ruins to be the final resting place of a great Pharaoh named Kaitelbu-Ra. A Pharaoh whose name seems otherwise erased from all of history and lost to the sands of time... until now.

The mystery ignites newfound curiosity in tomb raider, Lara Croft. Why were the ancient Egyptians determined to ensure that their descendants never discovered the tomb? Are the ruins home to a treasure immeasurable to human wealth? Will Winston remember that Lara does not need dinner prepared tonight?

Lara drives to the ruins and after close inspection, decides to investigate a nearby crevice, where a section of the sites outer wall stands. The adventure begins!

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