The Rescue 13 - Fight against Apophis


Von Croy's mistake caused a evil-spell!

Von Croy is the only one to what to do to stop this evil-spell. Now he is alone. All of he's ancien henchmen are waiting for the return of Lara with the amulet of Horus, they think it's the solution. They searched and found the amulet and the sarcophagus of Seth. But nothing works correctly. That's why they try to know the secret of Von Croy... Von Croy think that Lara is dead. The only solution is to talk!!! Lara will have to find by herself all the secrets using her past experience with Von Croy. After release this evil-spell, she'll have to find Von Croy to release him.

But which evil-spell???

The story begin at the end of "Tomb Raider The Last Revelation", remember we all think that Lara was dead in the pyramid. False! in fact Lara fall in a hole and arrive in "The secret temple". All is shaking but she's not dead...

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